I was watching a show about the bar-b-que places around the country. One of the guys at one od the places was talking about the importance of the wood. Then they flashed a picture of rows and rows of firewood all neatly stacked. I was envious. The ends were nice and square. I looked close but didn’t see supports. I thought about, and I think I figured out what they used. I think they maybe used those T-posts that are used for fencing.
I stopped up at Home Depot and later Lowes to check them out. I can buy the 6 foot T-posts for about $3.29 each. I was hoping to find a little bit longer ones. I know they make them. But I think the 6 foot T-posts will work. I can pound them 2 feet into the ground, leaving 4 feet above the ground. I place a couple of them about 12 feet apart, and stack the firewood to be 4 feet high. Two rows like this would be a cord.
I think a single Tee-post at each end should be enough to support the stack. If not, I could always place two t-posts at the end of each stack.
I got a $25 gift card for Home Depot for Christmas, so I may go buy some of the posts. I wont mess with it til Spring though. I want to use up most of the firewood we already have. That and it is ptetty cold and wet outside. I don’t want to mess with it till it warms.