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I have been debating about what kind of anchors to use to attach my ledger board to the cement block foundation of my house. I have been comparing epoxy anchors versus wedge anchors.
The epoxy anchors seem to be much more expensive when figuring in the cost of the epoxy. I was concerned about whether the wedge anchors would be strong enough. Some stuff I have read suggested the wedge anchors aren’t very strong. But reading elsewhere it sadi that once the wedge anchors are properly installed they are nearly impossible to remove.
I found a box of 25 count 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ wedge anchors made by Red Head at Home Depot. The box was about $16, or a box of 10 for about $12. I went with the box of 25. They only had one box. So I am going to have to hit another Home Depot and see if they have any more in stock.
Now I need to wait for my hammer drill to come. I will pull off some more deck planks, and then get started drilling holes.

Now that I have my deck raised back up and levelled, I need to reattach the ledger board to the cement block foundation. I have been researching different types of anchors, but they all require that I drill into the cement blocks. So I am going to need a hammer drill.
I checked Harbor Freight. They had a cordless hammer drill for as cheap as $20. But it was only 3/8″. I am going to need a 1/2″ drill. They had a couple corded 1/2″ hammer drills, one for $50, and another for $63.
Then I checked Lowes. Lowes had a nice DeWalt hammer drill for around $250. Ouch! A lot more than I wanted to spend. But they had cheaper models too. There was a corded DeWalt for around $100. But they had a Black & Decker for about $60.
Out of curiousity I checked eBay. There were a bunch of used hammer drills. I was a bit leery about spending much money on a used power tool. There were a bunch of DeWalt hammer drills that were being sold without batteries. Then I would have to buy a battery. I found one seller selling some corded DeWalt DW511 hammer drill with a $50 buy it now price (and $13 shipping). It’s a pretty basic corded 1/2″ hammer drill. Apparently it is factory refurbished, but I figure a factory refurbished DeWalt hammer drill is going to be better than a Chicago Electric Harbor Freight special. So I bought one.

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