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Well, I did my yearly chore of lawn care. I have lots of moss on one section, lots of clover on the other section and sparse grass. That comes with a lawn surrounded by trees. I thought about buying Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. But that wouldn’t deal with the weeds. Besides, Home Depot doesn’t seem to carry it, and I won’t be near a Lowes until tomorrow. So I decided to buy a bag of Vigoro Weed & Feed, and a bag of Moss Control stuff. I brought it home. I dumped the bag of moss control in a drop spreader (It’s the roller kind with a bar that turns). I spread that out over the lawn. The bag is good for up to 5000 square feet, and our lawn is a little over 3000. But I spread the entire bag out. Then I loaded up the weed and feed into the spreader. I started spreading that out. I spread most of it, and was concerned I might have missed some areas. It looks goofy when you have green grass everywhere, except a few spots. So I dumped the remaining weed and feed out of the roller spreader into a hand held broadcast spreader. Then I walked back and forth on the lawn cranking the little handle and spreading the weed and feed. I should set up the sprinklers, and wet down the lawn so the stuff soaks in.

During heavy blowing rain, I have some windows that leak. They have leaked since we bought the house. There is nothing to keep rain from running down the glass into the frame. Last year I got some rope caulk stuff and stuck it around the edges of the glass, but it is already peeling off. I have been planning on caulking it. But I went and did some research on the right way to do it, and found that caulking is not the right way at all. I am supposed to glaze the windows. Well, I started reading about glazing windows, and found there are a couple types of window glaze. There is the traditional putty glaze, and there is glaze that comes in a tube that fits into a caulk gun.
The putty glaze needs to be soften by rolling it in your hands. It takes more time, but applies cleaner. The caulk gun version of glaze would probably be a little easier to apply, but will be not as clean looking. The putty glaze is cheaper relative to the number of windows you can do with a tub of it. But that wasn’t a big consideration for me as the price difference wasn’t that big.
I debated about the two, and decided on the putty. It make take some extra work, but I think it will be better in the long run.

I went to Lowes yesterday looking for Weed and Feed for my lawn. One of the employees stopped to help me. When I told him I had moss, he said I needed Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. They had had a bunch, but sold it all. They were expecting more in. The Lowes is up by my work, and I wont be anywhere near there until Monday. So I stopped by the Home Depot today. I looked around and didn’t see any Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. I wasn’t even sure if it came in a bag, or a bottle.
I asked one of the Home Depot employees, and he said Scott doesn’t make a Turf Builder with Moss Control. He pointed me to a product that was simply moss control. Hmmmm. Interesting. I was confused. The guy at Lowes seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and the guy and Home Depot seemed pretty confident.
I checked out Scott’s website when I got home. They DO make Turf Builder with Moss Control!!! The guy at Home Depot didn’t know what he was talking about!!!! I wonder if the do have it somewhere there, and the guy doesn’t know about it. Or maybe they don’t have it at all.

The snow is gone, and it’s time to start looking at the lawn. We live in the woods, and only have a small lawn. Now that the snow has cleared, then lawn has started to green up. The problem is that about half the green in the lawn is from moss.
I had heard a commercial on the radio advertising Vigaro Weed & Feed at Home Depot. I thought, I should get some of that to get the grass growing, and maybe kill off the moss. Home Depot was out of the way, so I stopped into Lowes. I grabbed some paint thinner that I also needed, and headed over to the garden area.
I found grass seeds, and was looking for the weed and feed. I didn’t see it. I asked one of the employees. And he asked about whether I was looking for liquid, or the other stuff. I told him I wanted to get rid of the moss in my lawn. He told me that I didn’t need Weed & Feed. He said I needed Scott’s Turf Builder with Moss Control. Cool! Unfortunatly they didn’t have any in stock. They had gone through pallets of the stuff, but were expecting more in soon. He told me to call to find if they had gotten more in. But the Lowes is up by my work, and I wont be up there till Monday. I have a Home Depot close to my home. So I may head down there later.
They are going to building a Lowes not to far from my house. It will be nice to have a choice.

Pretty much ever since we have moved into our house, our big windows have leaked during heavy blowing rain. The leaking is both around the window frame, and between the frame and the glass. Last year I used this rope caulk stuff around the edges of the glass, but it is already peeling off. I need to maybe use a caulk gun, and go around the edge of the glass edges with a silicone type caulk? I don’t know.
When we had the energy guys insulating the attic, I asked about getting an estimate for caulking the windows. He said he would have to talk to his boss. But I never heard back. So I guess I will have to do it myself. Or maybe call some other contractors or something. I am always so leery about contractors, worried we will get ripped off. I don’t know how to choose a good contractor.
It’s been raining today, and is supposed to rain this upcoming weekend. Maybe the following weekend I will take a ladder out there, and get started sealing the windows.

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