When I replaced my garbage disposal, I bought an InSinkErator to replace the older InSinkErator that had sprung a leak. Now I read that the bozos at Emerson Electric are suing NBC because a TV show (Heroes) showed a character get her hand munched up in one of their InSinkErator garbage disposals. I didn’t see the episode, but I doubted I would have even noticed the name. And if I had noticed noticed the name, I might have been more like, hey, that’s the same kind of disposal we have. Would it have made me think the InSinkErator garbage disposal was bad, or more dangerous? No.
But the fact that the people Emerson Electric are a bunch litigious butt heads suing for something stupid like this, makes me kind of regret having bought their product!
A spokesman for Emerson claims that data from the government’s Consumer Products Safety Commission showa that you are ten times more likely to get injured by your dishwasher than your garbage disposal. I am trying to figure out how you would get injured by the dishwasher? Maybe bashing your shin into the door while it open in the down position?