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I bought the model we had looked at at Home Depot. It’s a Maytag Jetclean II Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher (model MDBH975AWB). Delivery is free. Installation is free after mail-in rebate. Installation parts only add $15. Hauling away the old dishwasher is free. And they even give me a $50 Home Depot gift card. They are supposed to deliver and install it next Wednesday. I considered getting the stainless steel front, but decided to save the $100, and just get black. As it is the dishwasher cost $599, plus tax.
It has a stainless steel interior, three wash arms, a supposed to be super quiet, adjustable upper rack, stainless steel food disposer built in. I think it has an autoclean mode that detects how dirty the dishes are and adjusted the cleaning to match. I think after we get it, we might be able to turn the temperature on our hot water heater down, as the dishwasher will heat it’s own water.

Our old Maytag dishwasher stopped working just before we left for vacation. Now that we are back, we need to buy a new dishwasher. The old one was in the house when we bought it. So we have no idea how old it is. My wife never liked the racks in it. It did an okay job of cleaning. I think the pump died in it, as it seemed to stop spraying, at least from the bottom.
I checked out Lowes and they had a nice selection that included Kitchenaid. I like the Kitchenaid name. They seem to make good quality stuff. (Though I think the Kicthenaid dishwasher is actually made by Whirlpool). The Kitchenaid dishwasher I was looking at (KUDI02IRBL) cost $579 had a stainless steel tub, and a plethora of features. Installation was around $130. Then my wife and I went to Home Depot, and found a smaller selection. They had a Maytag unit (MDBH975AWB) with similar features and that also included adjustable racks for $599. Instaltion is only $50, but is free after a mail in rebate. There is a $15 charge for parts. Haul away is free.We also get a $50 gift card when we buy the dishwasher. Then I checked Sears, and they also had the Kicthenaid with similar prices to Lowes.
I found a Consumer Reports review of a slightly older model of Maytag that sounded similar to the one we looked at, and it got a really good review. They named it best value.
I am still researching but I think I may have to go with the Maytag.

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