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I have a Rand lathe duplicator that I bought off of ebay for around $60 including shipping. It works, but not great. It tends to catch occasionally and throw the whole thing out of whack. It is a pain to set up. If I put an origianal piece in the holders, it doesn’t reach the ends well. And it kind of chews the wood in instead of cutting the wood.
I am debating about getting a Vega lathe duplicator. They are supposed to be really good. I can get a 36″ Vega lathe duplicator for $599 on I think it would be way more solid. I can also get a 24″ Vega lathe duplicator at Woodcraft. The 36″ Vega lathe is supposed to be a professional model. So I don’t know if it is more solid. I can also do more stuff with a 36″ model. I want to make tonfas. But a 24″ model would work fine for that. But with a 36″ model I make bigger stuff. I could make headboard/footboard for beds. I don’t know. $599 is a great deal for a Vega lathe duplicator, but it’s still a bunch of money.

Wow! That thing is huge inside. I looked big in the store, but I didn’t realize how much bigger it was until it took the place of our old Maytag dishwasher. We also learned that the racks were more adjustable than we thought. We have done a couple loads of dishes so far, and it does a great job. There will still be a learning process as this unit has more settings than the old dishwasher, so we will need to learn which settings to use when.

I live in Rochester, NY and I have seen thinking for a while that it would be cool to plant a Giant Sequoia in my yard. I think it would be interesting that some time in the future there would be the big a** Giant Redwood tree sticking head and shoulders above everything else around. I ordered it from the National Arbor Day Foundation website and it only cost $8 plus $4.95 shipping.

A couples weeks ago I discovered the charger for my Black & Decker cordless drill didn’t work any more. I originally bought the drill at BJ’s Wholesale club, and it’s used an odd sized 13.2 volt battery/charger. I considered upgrading and buying new drill such as a Dewalt 18v cordless drill. That would have cost $200. I checked on eBay, and I could by a replacement charger for about $20, plus maybe $10 shipping. I called a local Black & Decker outlet store, and their computer showed a replacement charger for my drill being about $12, but he didn’t see one on the rack. He did however have a better charger that would charge the batteries in 1 hour. He said that many people had problems with the stock chargers. The Fast charger was $20. So I bought it. I like it better than the stock charger. The light flashes as it charges, then goes solid when done. The old one, you just plugged it in and charged for 3-4 hours, and then were supposed to unplug it.

I ordered the dishwasher in black. Our current dishwasher is white, The stove top is white, but the oven front is black. The refrigerator is white. I think black would look good. Stainless steel would look good too. But the stainless steel is $100 more. And then if we buy new stainless steel fridge, and then stove and oven, then it adds up. I think it we had stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, it would look nicer for resale. But we are not planning on moving for 15 or 20 years. By then the dishwasher maybe toast. Maybe we will just stick with black.

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