I am going to be turning a couple more tonfa handles. I had seen a tool at Lowes that my father used to have when i was a kid. It looks like a harmonica with a bunch of pins gong through it. You can push it against something, and the pins will slide to replicate the shape. Same concept as those pin art toys that could replaicate the shape of your hand or face. I was down at Home Depot and decided to get one of the pin tools. I looked around the tool sections but didn’t see any of the pin things. I went to an employee who was up front and described what I was looking for. He didn’t know wha I was talking about. I described further, and he just looked at me like I was a moron. I ended up saying something like screw this, I’ll get it at Lowes where i know they have it. I did lots of searches on Google before I finally found that the tool is called a contour gauge or contour gage. I will go to Lowes tomorrow, and pick one up. I don’t think it was very expensive.