I have been busy replacing the mouldings on my windows (and air sealing them as I go). I have one window that has a stair landing at it’s middle, and the mouldings are trapped behind it. If there were no nails, I could probably slide the board out. I got the bottom half loose, but am having difficulty getting it out. I don’t care about the moulding as it is being replaced, but I don’t want to damage anything else. I thought a reciprocating saw might be handy in cutting the board into pieces for removal. I checked Harbor Freight and saw they had a 4.5 amp saw on sale for $19.99. I am sure it is a pretty cheap import. But if it works, it will be worth it. I usually buy the best tools I can afford. I own a bunch of DeWalt stuff. But I have very limited use for a reciprocating saw. Every once in a while a use pops up. So hopefully this saw will work for what I need. A Milwaukee Sawzall would have been overkill. Though it would have been nice.