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After sealing and changing the mouldings on my 2 big picture windows, I am hesitant to put the cheap plastic vertical blinds back up. I started looking into blinds and discover cellular blinds. They are really nice looking, and will fit inside the window instead over them. They are much cleaner looking. And cellular blinds are more energy efficient as well. Also when they are open, they will block less of the window. I some Duette blinds by Hunter Douglas at Lowes but they are seriously expensive. There were some Levolor cellular blinds, and they looked okay. The ones I think might be best are made by Bali. They seem to be on par with Levolor pricewise, but seem to be better quality. They also have double-cell blinds in addition to single cell blinds.
I have some more sealing, and replacing of mouldings to do tonight, but I may some time and measure some windows. The lady at Lowes said the Bali are going on sale on Sunday.

I installed three of the four programmable thermostats that I bought last night. I installed two on the top floor (bedroom & loft), and one in the middle floor (living room). I still have to install on in the bottom floor (finished basement). Our house is post-and-beam (sort of like a timber frame), and it is all open. I have the thermostats on the top floor programmed with a comfort level of 65 degrees, and economy of 60 degrees. The thermostat on the middle floor seems to keep the baseboard heaters going, but much of the heat rises up without affecting the thermostat much. We do have a couple Hunter ceiling fans currently reversed (blows upward), and set to low to move the warm air down. So I have tried setting the thermostat in the living room down to 64. It still is working harder than the the two upstairs. Maybe I will set it to 63, or bump the thermostats on the top floor to 66. I would like to find a balance so that they are all working roughly equally.

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