I continued air sealing last night. I already had the mouldings off of one sliding glass door, and ripped the mouldings off of another. I used Great Stuff, and silicone caulk to seal them. The one door had a bunch of fiberglass shove into the gap above the door. I pulled it out, and sprayed Great Stuff (for windows and door) in there. Fiberglass may insulate, but but doesn’t seal. Great Stuff does both. Tonight or tomorrow night I will trim the foam down flush with the wall, and replace the mouldings. There is a little bit of dry wall stuff to do first.

My programmable thermostats are scheduled to be delivered today. So hopefully I will get a chance tro install them. The first one didn’t take very long. I would like to at least get two of them installed tonight. I have a class to teach, but hopefully will have time afterward.