My programmable thermostat came yesterday via UPS, and I couldn’t wait to hook it up. The thermostat is an Aube TH115, but it is almost identical to the Honeywell LineVoltPRO 8000 (Aube is a Honeywell company). The thermostat is for 240 volt line voltage and 15 amps. That is some serious current, not to be taken lightly! My old thermostat gave no indication of whether it was on or not. So I turned it off for a bit to let the baseboard heater cool some. Then I went to the breaker box and shut off the two 240 volt breakers labelled “heat”. I went back upstairs, and turned the thermostat all the way up, and went to feel the baseboard heater to see if it felt warmer. It did seem to be getting warmer. So I went back to the breaker box, and shut off all of the unlabelled 240 volt breakers as well. I went back up, and the heater didn’t seem to be getting warmer. I pulled the old thermostat off, and touched my probe to the contacts to see if there was any voltage. Nothing. Great! I carefully disconnected the wires still alert in case by chance they might still be live. I pays to be cautious when dealing with electricity! I noted which wires were connected to the top, and which were connected to the bottom connectors. After getting the thermostat off, I noted which were the load wires, and which were the live wires. There were wires already on my new thermostat, so I just needed to connect them to the solid wires using the provided twist caps (solderless connectors). I went and turned the breakers on a couple at a time to see which gave it power. After flipping the last two breakers, I had a display on the thermostat. I shut the breakers off again, and then screwed the thermostat into the electrical box. I mounted the face plate, and then turned on the two breakers one at a time, and identified which breaker controlled the heat to that room. I labelled the breaker.
Following the instructions that came with the thermosat, I tweaked the programming to more closely match our work schedules, and I changed the temperatures for comfort from 70 to 65, and for economy from 64 to 60. I may tweaked the comfort level up a bit, but will play with it, and get used to how it works.
After installing the thermostat, I noticed how affected it was by my computer monitor that was almost directly below it. So I spent some time last night moving a book case, and the computer desk around so that now the thermostat is not affected by the rising heat from my CRT computer monitor.
Since this thermostat works with our system, I ordered 4 more progammable thermostats, and 2 non-programmable thermostats so I can replace the rest of the old mechanical thermostats in our house.