I bought a couple cans of Great Stuff at Home Depot using the gift card my wife got me for Valentines day! I want to run a bead under the bottom edge of our house’s siding, but was worried about weather it is too cold outside. I read the can, and it only said that Great Stuff may not work as well in extreme cold. How cold is extreme cold? I went the Great Stuff website, and read the FAQ, but it only said to have the cans at room temperature. Okay… Still not satisfied, I called the Great Stuff hot line (1-800-800-FOAM). I talked to a lady named Kathy who told me that it needs to be 40 degrees outside for a couple hours before I can reliably use the Great Stuff. I guess I will have to wait as it is only about 27 degrees outside right now which is near the expected high for the day. And there is no 40 degree weather anywhere in the extended forecast either.

Great Stuff is awesome, and easy to use. Just spray the stuff into a space, and the foam expands to fill the space. When it cures, it turns into almost a styrofoam type substance. It is great for filling holes around cables or pipes, to block air infiltration/exfiltration. I have already gone through about 5 cans of the stuff sealing my house. I love it!

I was considering buying a Great Stuff Pro foam gun. I saw a 13 inch model online for about $25. The Great Stuff Pro foam comes in 24 ounce cans instead of 16 ounce cans that you buy at the local hardware strore which also seem to need to be ordered online and costs about $11. So the gun and the foam would be about $40. For $40 I can buy about 8 16oz cans of the Great Stuff locally. I don’t think I will need that much, so I will probably not buy the gun. The gun is pretty cool looking though. I think it would make application easier. It also supposedly will keep the foam usuable for up to 30 days, as opposed to the regular cans which are a one time use thing.