Aube TH115-A-240D Programmable ThermostatProgrammable thermostats are generally pretty easy to find. Home Depot sells them. But the ones that Home Depot sells wont work in our house. Our house is 100% electric. The heat is all 240 volt baseboard electric heat. The ones that Home Depot sells are 24 volt. But I did a search and found a model made by a company named Aube. We have 7 thermostats scattered around the house. A couple of them are in rooms that are easily closed off. I am planning on replacing all of the thermostats as the ones we have are 30 years old and very very ugly! But I may not replace them all with programmable thermostats. For the moment, I have ordered one of the units which I will connect up, and make sure it works with our system. The thermostats we have are double line break (they can turned off), 4 wire, and 18 amp. The one I ordered in 15 amp (3600 watt at 240 volts), but I believe that the combination of baseboard heaters connected to each thermostat are under 3000 watts each. The model I ordered is a “TH115-A-240D”.