I spent a lot of time this weekend, but I finished insulating the knee wall that separates my great room form a crawl space area. I carefully place R-13 fiberglass insulation between the studs trying to keep it as puffed up a possible. I then covered the wall with sheets of rigid foam board rated at R-5. The boards were attached by running a bead of silicone caulk along the studs, and then nailing the foam boards in place using 1 1/2 inch roofing nails.
We had snow on the roof of our house, and you can see where the crawl space is relative to the grat room as the snow was melting faster over the great room, and you could even see where the truses were located. The snow was barely melted over the crawl space.
Next I want to either weatherstrip the doors between the crawl space and the great room, or to have it done. The doors are the hollow kind like for a closet. But they are shorter, maybe about 5 1/2 tall. Weather stripping the sides and top would be easy, but the bottom where it passes over burber type carpt with more difficult. My Energy Smart audit report listed a cost of $150 to seal the doors. And the consultant guy suggested that it would be zero air flow. I could do the sides and top myself, but I am not sure how to do the bottom. I would be annoyed of the charge me $150 to seal the door, and do the sides, and top, then tell the bottom can’t be sealed. I am also thinking that after the door is sealed, I will glue to of the rigid foam board over the inside of the doors to give them insulation.
We will have the contractor guys add an attic access over the great room, and add some insulation up there. I think that will help save energy in the long run.