I am pretty much done sealing all of the outlet boxes. I have a small handful left to do, but they are behind bookcases and such.
So onto my next project. I have replaced the crank on one of our Andersen awning windows. I still have to replace a few more cranks. I ordered a new weatherstripping directly from Andersen for all of the windows. According to the codes on the windows, they are all original to the house. I thought the ones in our great room were installed more recently, but they date back to the 1977 construction of the house as well. The weather stripping on all the windows is almost 30 years old. So I am going to replace the weatherstripping on all the windows whether they are leaky or not, because sooner or later they will be. According to the guy at Andersen they are easy to install, and from it sounded like they just slide into to a kerf. I just hope they come with instructions. We have 3 double awning windows, 4 double casement windows, and 2 single casement windows for a total of 16 individual windows to do. The weatherstripping cost $86.51 including tax and shipping.