I just got a call from the consultant and found that we will NOT be meeting tonight. The guys who run the software and create the report (who apparently screwed it up the first time), are all out of town at a conference. So they are not around to re-run the report. So now he wanted to meet this weekend. I told him I don’t even want to bother making an appointment until he has the corrected report in hand. This whole process is starting to piss me off!
I chose the company to do audit based on info from their website. It is turning out that half the stuff on the website is not accurate. Thier website says “We transmit the data we collected to NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research And Development Authority) usually within 48 hours from the time we completed the audit. We generally receive the completed report back from the State within 3 days. So, on average, allow 5 to 7 working days for us to call you with the results. ” It has already been 16 working days since the audit, and I still don’t know when I am getting my report. Thier website says “The State of New York (NYSERDA) requires that we charge $100 for the initial audit. However, if you do any eligible energy savings improvements the $100 is deducted from the cost of the improvement. ” That is wrong. The audit cost $250, though it will be deducted from any work we have done. They website says “We will help you to secure an “ENERGY STAR®” low interest (5%) loan, or if a loan is not necessary, we can show you how to get a rebate from New York State for 10% of the amount of the cost of the energy saving improvements. Better yet, how does a no payback energy savings grant sound?” The loan rate now is running at 5.99%, not the 5% thier website mentions. The consultant admited that the info on the website is out of date and needs to be updated.
I am really getting annoyed waiting for the report! Part of me is seriously thinking about telling the company to take a hike, and go with someone else. But I would probably still get charged for the audit.