DraftStopper I was channel surfing and when I came to stop on a home improvement show. The guy was talking about insulating a house, and was talking about something called a fireplace plug. The fireplace plug was a kind of plastic inflatable pillow on a stick. You partially inflate the pillow, then shove the pillow up into the fireplace against the damper. There is an adjustable length plastic stick connected to the pillow that you place against the bottom of the fireplace. Then there is a tube hanging down that you use to inflate the pillow to fill the fireplace cavity below the damper. This will help keep warm air from sneaking out through the fireplace. Last year there cold spot near the fireplace, even though the damper was tightly closed. I had placed styrafoam in front of the fireplace and that helped some. So I searched Google and found a product named DraftStopper that looked like the one the guy was showing on TV. So I ordered one. Hopefully it will help keep our house warmer, and reduce our power bills.