Now that we have our new wood stove, I wanted to get a rack to hold more firewood. We have a small space to store firewood in the rock wall that is our fireplace facing. But it wood be nice to have a larger rack to store a larger amout of wood so we can make less trips to the wood pile. I have been looking at these expandable firewood racks that mount on a pair of 2x4s. Lowes has had them for $19.99 or something like that. I finally decided on buying one, and I drove to one of the Lowes stores in the area, and they were sold out. That was a 30 minute drive each way. Today I went to the Lowes by my work, and they are sold out too. I asked at the customer service desk, and they told me they are on order, but have no idea when they will be coming. She told me that two other Lowes in the area (but not convenient for me at all) have the racks in stock. I asked if they couldn’t have one sent over, and she told me no. I asked if I could preorder one so that I would get it as soon as it came in, and she told me no. I don’t particullarly want to be driving to Lowes every other frigging day to see in the have the racks in. She took my name and number, but I am not going to hold my breath that they will actually call me when they get em. Home Depot sells the racks also, but for $25. And I am not sure if they have any either.