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I had stopped at Home Depot yesterday and looked at gutter covers. They carried asingle kind. It was vinyl with round holes, and ridges that ran long-ways. There were also soft clear plastic edges.
I checked out Lowes today, and they had at least 5 different kind, and even amond those a couple gave a choice of brown or white. I wanted to ask someone who worked there if they knew anything about whether they worked, or if there had been returns or complaints. Nobody was in the area. I went to the customer service desk with gutter covers in hand. The girl there called someone, and said they’d meet me by the gutters. I walk all the way back to the gutters (opposite corner of store), and waited for about 10 minutes, before heading back to the customer service desk. The girl who I talked to before was on the phone. Another girl helped me, and was able to eliminate a couple types from consideration.
One type was not covered with holes, but had a lip that the water would go over, and go through slots. She said the slots get clogged with leaves. These were about $1/foot.
There was another kind with diamond shaped holes. She said these worked okay, but leaves get stuck in the holes. These were cheap at about $0.33/foot.
There was another kind that was the same as the kind with the diamond holes, but it also had a plastic screen cover the holes. She said this one worked well. These cost about $0.60/foot. They sell boxes of this kind for about $39, so that would bring the price down to about $0.52/foot. So I bought a single 3 foot piece of the vinyl cover with the diamond shaped holes and the screen covering the holes. I will see how well it fits my gutters. She warned to make sure the cover is securely snapped in place.

I had a busy weekend! I spent a lot of time cutting wood, and carrying some of it up the hill to our house, and stacking it. I also got the ladder out and cleaned out our gutters. I stopped at Home Depot and looked at some gutter covers. They carry something called Leaf Guard Plus. It cost about a $1 a foot. I searched for reviews but couldn’t find much at all about them. I am not even sure whether they will work for my gutters, or are designed to fit the PVC gutters that Home Depot sells. I am going to check Lowes as well.
I had been checking out a product called Gutterstuff. It seems like a great idea, but I think they charge too much! You can’t get through the comany directly, but only through the distributers who have monopolys for their areas which are statewide. The local distributor gave me a price of something close to $10 a foot (not even installed). I found another distributor in another area that gave a price of $5 something a foot. I have relatives in that area so I could have them ship there. But $5 a foot seems kind of pricey for the product. I have about 144 feet of gutters to do. The product is basically just a long chunk of foam diagnally cut down the middle. There are a few similar competitor products, but the BIG BOX stores don’t carry them.
I also worked last night ripping out two of my three raised bed gardens. The best luck I had was when I only had one 4×12 foot bed. I added two more, but then it took too much tiem to tend them. Now I need the space to stack three full cords of wood I am having delivered on Sunday.

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